Pixels & Politics is a collection of short essays on the politics of startups and the startup in politics.

Silicon Valley has changed much of how we interact with the world around us. Despite these advances, the one aspect of society that touches us all remains impervious to that change — government.

It’s time we bring some of tech’s disruptive innovation to the political industry.

If you search for writings on the subject you’ll quickly realize that the political industry is very rarely a subject of focus in articles on digital marketing, innovation, and technology. Pixels & Politics is an attempt to change that narrative.

Here you’ll find an ongoing exploration of startup culture: design thinking, agile methodologies, technical innovations, and its influence on governance.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey:

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Who is Austin James?

Austin James

In short…

I am an entrepreneur, a writer, a recovering politico, and a southerner.

Over my career, I’ve worked at an international public affairs firm, for political committees, on national campaigns, and for global non-profits. With over a decade in the Beltway, I have plenty of stories to tell if you’ll bring the whisky.

More importantly, I’ve learned a lot about what really works in the political space, and even more about what doesn’t.

I later refined much of that experience when I founded Knoxly Media, a digital-first media firm of marketing engineers, helping grow initiatives across the commercial and political sectors.

I frequently appear on CNN and HLN as a political commentator providing insights as a digital political strategist.

You can find me on Twitter @AustinJames

In long…and in third person…

Austin James is Principal and lead engineer at Knoxly Media – a firm of marketing engineers specializing in online growth.

With over 12 years of experience in digital marketing and product strategy coupled with a deep technical background, he frequently works with high-growth startups, national political campaigns, and global nonprofits to incorporate agile marketing strategies into their operations, focusing on the value of data-driven marketing sprints.

Austin started his career working as a digital analyst for a global public affairs firm in Washington, DC, analyzing online marketing strategies for a multinational biotechnology corporation.

After transitioning to a career consulting on political campaigns across the country, Austin helped to build one of the nation’s first political data analytics consulting firms, Optimus Consulting, serving as Vice President, Digital Analysis.

Before the notorious 2016 election cycle began, Austin left life in the Beltway to join the venture firm, Company Laboratory, overseeing development of their internal growth department. As Chief Growth Officer, Austin helped develop creative, scalable strategies for user acquisition and revenue growth across the firm’s portfolio of consumer Internet companies.

With a background across commercial and political sectors, Austin is frequently called upon by media such as CNN, HLN, Campaigns & Elections, and NPR to provide his perspective on evolving political narratives.

You can find Austin on Twitter @AustinJames

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